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x.g.e.d.o.e. 1r 16 stainless steel

Double orienting unit with a return

The unit is manufactured of stainless steel.

Elevator with hopper loadable from the bottom, transport of the corks to the upper head through a belt of polyurethane for food usage and conveying in two pipes feeding the double orienting unit. The orientation is made through feelers adaptable to the bevel of the corks.
After the orientation the corks are conveyed to an exchanger inserting them in a single pipe feeding the corker. The unit can feed the corker also with standard, not-oriented corks.

Throughput: 16.000 corks/hour

Model X.G.E.D.O.E. 2R.16  the same unit can be supplied also with two feeding pipes.


stainless steel
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