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G.E.O.T. 10 painted steel

Elevator Orienting Unit Stamping Machine

Elevator with hopper loadable from the bottom, transport of the corks to the upper head and their insertion in the 2-way exchanger sending them to the orienting device on mobile holder. The corks that do not need being oriented go from the exchanger to the stamping unit through a pipe directly.

The stamping of the heads is through the special cliché – holders with pneumatic microcylinders. Side stamping by rolling the cork on the surface of the cliché heated by means of propane gas burmers.

Stamping of heads and side, heads only or side only, without any modification.

Throughput: 10.000 corks/hour for oriented corks
Throughput: 11.500 corks/hour for not oriented corks


stainless steel
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painted steel
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